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Back in Europe!

Back again in Europe, back home in Germany, even though it's only for a short time. But it nice to see all the familiar things, even the cars drive on the wrong side of the road ;)
After a stopover in Bangkok I arrive this morning in Frankfurt and am sitting in the train right now to Stuttgart. Feels good to be 'home' - but aren't I flying back 'home' in two weeks time already again? It weird to be a 'tourist' in his home country for the first time.

After my final exam two days ago, I was so relieved that the teaching period and the semester was over. Even I had only two instead of typically three subjects, there was quite a lot happening in the last weeks. Concerning my studies I decided to switch my study course and study for one semester longer extending my MBA with a Major. It took some discussions with QUT to make up my mind and to finally make this decision. But now I am happy this issue is resolved and I can enjoy my stay here in Europe.
I was meant to go on along weekend diving trip last weekend, but again Agnes Water/Town of 1770 did not allow me to. Too bad weather and too high waves again made the boat ride too dangerous so I went on a day trip to Stradbroke Island instead. It was cold and rainy but who cares if you're under water? After two real cool dives with some more sharks and a manta I saw one of the best sunsets for a while. On our way back on the ferry this was one of the few sunsets over water I could see until now in Australia. Living on the East coast is tough ;)

I hope I will get over my jet-lag pretty fast, as tomorrow I already leave Germany again and drive to Italy, Tuscany in order to chill with most of my friends on a vineyard and then to celebrate the wedding of Betty and Marco. So looking forward to it! Even though I have way enough warm weather in Australia, it's not as good as lying under the Italian sun with most of my closest friends!

Congratulations Betty and Marco to your marriage last Friday already!
Looking forward to a fantastic wedding week in Empoli!

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