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Beautiful Brisbane!

What an atmosphere! The night started with a gig of an act of the same name. But I never heard more Beastie Boys tunes on a hip-hop gig without them actually performing. Rest in peace MCA!

After the amazing “Atmosphere” gig in West End I jumped on my bicycle and rode to Eagle Street in order to watch the FA cup final. But on my way there I had a beautiful journey, which made me realise how beautiful Brisbane is.

Having already had a long evening in the “Hi-Fi” in West End I really enjoyed the calm ride along the river. It was such a contrast to the couple of hours partying. The Bridges across the river were nicely illuminated – as always – and with passing the Wheel and Southbank there was no hint of the buzz, which takes place there every day. Across the river Brisbane’s Skyline showed up, with the Casino in the front lit in several colours. Just a couple of blocks beside it I could see my University campus – QUT Gardens Point.

After crossing Goodwill Bridge I reached the City Botanic Gardens – an oasis in the middle of Brisbane. Passing the mangroves and palm trees I could see how gentle lights made the rock face of Kangaroo Point appear in the dark. Further downstream yellow lights marked the outline of the Story Bridge. And there, in the middle of the path: a possum, sitting there and watching at me without really seeing me. Eventually it reacted and ran away. At this moment the big city of Brisbane felt so far away…

But slowly the sounds of Brisbane’s nightlife faded into the moment of silence. Driving along the Riverside Bikeway I approached the busy restaurants, clubs and bars on Eagle Street, and finally jumped back into the vibrant nightlife. Stepping into Pig & Whistle felt like being in a football stadium: You Never Walk Alone!

What an evening with such a contrast of atmospheres. Good night, Brisbane!

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